Retired Marine Master Sgt. William H. Cox and Retired Marine First Sgt. James ‘Hollie’ Hollingsworth worked together as young Marines during the Vietnam war. At that time, they Hollingsworth asked Cox, if he would be able to stand guard over his casket and deliver a eulogy. Late last year in November 2017, Coxs showed up, fulfilling last wishes and a promise made in Vietnam. In full military gear, he shared a eulogy for his friend, remembering old times.

Although they lived miles apart from each other, they had remained in touch after the war, and continued to be friends. The promise they made to each other in a war bunker was honored, and their story continued to live on forever. What an incredible journey that came to such a sentimental end!

Funeral Fulfilling Last Wishes And Promises Made

Fulfilling Last Wishes And Promises At A Funeral Service

In honoring those who passed away and ensuring you’re fulfilling a promise, here are a few suggestions:

1. Honor Last Wishes From Years Before

Those who pass away live in the memories of those who care about them. It’s incredibly touching when the last wishes and desires of those who’ve passed are remembered. This not only is a true reflection of the respect they’re given but also brings peace to those who honor the memories.

2. Plan a Funeral that Makes the Loved ones the Center of Everything

Funerals are planned in the memory of loved ones you care about. Keeping them in the center of all the planning is essential. Think about how would they love to be remembered? What songs would they prefer? Would they like a traditional or unique funeral service? How does the service embody their spirit?

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3. Get Together a Community that Cares About your Loved One

It’s natural that you may not know every single person connected to your loved one. In fact, if data is to be believed we may touch about 80,000 lives in a single lifetime. It’s important to celebrate your loved one’s life by bringing together everyone they cared about.

It was indeed very important for Retired Marine First Sgt.  Hollingsworth to have Retired Marine Master Sgt. Cox present during the funeral. Imagine if the family had not been able to connect with him! Taking all the right steps to bring together the community is essential in honoring your loved one.

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