Final Arrangements: Writing Letters To Loved Ones For When You’re Gone

Writing isn’t letter on papers. It’s memory. – Isaac Marion

There are times in life when love fills our entire being. You look at your loved one and a sense of bliss and adoration overwhelms the senses. There’s a way to capture these beautiful moments: write love letters. It’s the perfect time to capture your feelings in words. Instead of presenting the letters to your loved one, put them aside in a special box to be read upon your death.

Love Letters From The Grave

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive a set of letters from a loved one after they’ve passed?

Love letters are a lost art. They’ve been replaced by less personal texts and emails. Sitting down and putting pen to paper is an act that evokes heartfelt emotion. Writing in this manner lends itself to contemplation. Moreover, our handwriting is extremely personal and a unique marker of who we are. When a loved one reads our words, they also hear our voice.

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Transcending Our Loved Ones Written Word Through Time

As an author of the letters, it can be easier to put down on paper what is difficult to say in person. Organizing words and thoughts in just the right manner allows us to convey meaning without misunderstanding. The letters are a historical record of our love for an individual. The memory of a beautiful conversation fades over time but is kept alive through the written word.

Suggestions On What To Write In Your Own Letter

You don’t have to be a prolific writer to pen a love letter.

  • Think about favorite memories and special moments.
  • Recall the day you knew you had fallen in love, the qualities that made your loved one special to you, and what you hope for them as they move on in life.
  • Write in your natural voice without concern for spelling and grammar.

It’s the intention and meaning that are important. When we know that nothing has been left unsaid, we can leave this world with a little more peace of mind while bestowing a priceless gift to the one we love.

Finding Love Even In The Darkest Of Days

To receive a love letter from the grave is to receive an invitation into your beloved’s heart. Reading loving words lifts our spirits and reassures us that we were loved as much as we loved. The letters are treasures that can be read on our darkest days. Just knowing we were blessed to experience a great love fills one with a sense of peace. There are people who may never know that love, so even in loss and grief, we find gratitude.

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