“Food is the Ingredient that Binds us Together” – Anonymous

I take a deep breath in. A familiar aroma teases my nose. My mouth instantly covets a taste of that scent. My stomach growls and grumbles in anticipation as my mind is brought back to another time and place.

Family Recipes

Family Recipes – Continuing A Legacy

Food triggers delightful sensations that evoke memories of Sunday dinners, family reunions, and holidays. An aunt’s one-of-a-kind coconut or lemon meringue pie, a grandfather’s renowned ribs, a cousin’s chicken wings with the perfect amount of heat, mom’s tender pot roast, or grandma’s homemade, melt-in-your-mouth, chocolate chip cookies–these foods are appreciated more than the cuisine of a James Beard award-winning chef.

Smell Transporting Us Through Memories


Because these familiar dishes were made with love to nourish those who are loved, and love is perfectly passed on through food.

So every time we inhale a scent of garlic, curry, or cinnamon; savor a bite of smoky barbeque, creamy carbonara, or spicy carnitas; or see an enticing pot of homemade sauce; the flaky crust of chicken pot pie; or homemade preserves decorated with fancy ribbon, we think of those who brought us joy through their homemade dishes.

Christmas Bars and Cookies from Grandma

At Christmas time, my cousins and I would eagerly anticipate the arrival of my grandmother’s Christmas bars and cookies. After she passed, my uncle continued the tradition of baking our favorite treats and would gift them to us on Christmas Eve. Everyone has since moved apart, and I miss the memories that accompany those treats.

Family Recipes

Passing Recipes To The Next Generation

Family recipes are an integral slice of a family’s history. Creating a family recipe book ensures that these mouth-watering memories continue from generation to generation. Let’s take time to record and pass on these recipes to those who matter most, and you’ll be sure to discover that the most important ingredient is love.

What is your favorite family dish? Join in the conversation and add your comment below!

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