Everything You Need To Know About Planning A Funeral

“A funeral is not a day in a lifetime; it’s a lifetime in a day”. – Anonymous

This statement alone is overwhelming and packed with pressure. Thank goodness there are professionals who can guide us through the planning process and our mourning fog–a period of time when deep grief blocks the brain from focusing on necessary tasks.

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Everything You Need To Know About Planning A Funeral

At Everdays, we make a difficult time more manageable. By providing the most updated and necessary information needed to plan a funeral, those who have experienced a recent loss can escape their mourning fog and plan a funeral with confidence and ease. Everdays provides a Funeral Planning Guide that covers details from making first calls to meeting with a funeral director to offering a final thank you to family and friends.

Everdays’ 6-step guide complete with a checklist ensures that every aspect of the arrangement is covered. Being guided through the funeral planning process is invaluable, especially when time is short.

To honor and celebrate the life of your loved one, begin with the Everdays’ Funeral Planning Guide–an indispensable tool that helps sequence, plan, and organize a lifetime in a day.

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We’ve created our free Everdays Funeral Planning Guide as a helpful resource to support you and your loved ones as you go through this difficult time. We hope this can help you make your difficult time more manageable.

Click here to download the Everdays Funeral Planning Guide.

Be sure to download the free Everdays app to help you reach everyone you need.

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