Everdays was proud to support a local women’s mentoring group in Plymouth, Michigan on April 16, earlier this week. The event was organized in partnership with Women’s co-working space, Pastel. Zsanett Czifrus, Operations Manager at Everdays was the guest speaker at the event, talking about work-life balance. The event was well attended and led to meaningful conversations in the group.

Everdays at the Women's Work-Life Balance Event

Does Work-Life Balance Exist?

As a speaker, Zsanett stressed on the importance of creating space in our lives and prioritizing aspects that allow us to feel free in our lives. She reasserted the importance of a new work-life balance equation that said,

Life = Balance.

Interestingly, this view isn’t far from comments made earlier this year by Everdays CEO, Mark Alhermizi, who shared a great story on the fallacy of work-life balance.

“At the time, I was about 40, with a new marriage, a new baby, and a new business I had just launched,” Mark began. “This gentleman was over 70 and still working 50-60 hours per week, regularly traveling for work, regularly traveling internationally for pleasure with his second wife, and spending time with his kids and grandkids. And he was successful at it all.” Mark asked him how he balanced work and the rest of his life so well.

The man responded with a great learning: “Just like your family is a part of you, your work is also an expression of you. Success doesn’t come from balancing them, but rather, from doing them all to your best and to the fullest. Limiting either one in any way is limiting who you are and what you are. They are all part of one thing: making the most of your one life.”

Alhermizi responded, “But sometimes the plate just gets too full.”

The man’s response was, once again, profound: “Then go to Walmart and get a bigger plate!” (via the Funeral Service Insider)

The team at Everdays has always supported the move towards #whatmattersmost by creating products and ideas that are inspiring, and push us to look inwards for more. Through this community, we’re encouraging and supporting a movement towards a life with more meaning. We support communities that foster a sense of belonging and togetherness.

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Here are some snapshots from the event. We aim to fully support and actively participate in more such events in the future. All the events are updated on our Facebook page, so keep a look out for the next one near you!

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