Isn’t it fascinating to think about how many people you actually meet in a lifetime? Or more importantly, ask yourself how many people do you impact in a lifetime? Going by Dunbar’s Number, you could end up with a number of 150. That’s the number you’d perhaps expect for big occasions- like your marriage or even an end of life ceremony for a loved one.

How Many People Do You Impact In A Lifetime?

Dunbar’s Number: How Many People Do You Impact in a Lifetime?

However, there’s additional data that shows that while we may have only a few close friends, an average person touches 80,000 lives.

What do you think? The sizes of communities may differ for each of us, but there’s truth in the fact that the stronger our communication bonds are, the happier we are. That’s truly #whatmattersmost in a lifetime.

How Many People Do You Impact in a Lifetime?

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Developing Meaningful Interactions

Defining impact can be an exercise in itself. But let’s assume meeting someone who remembers you, or has an emotional experience, is defined as a meaningful interaction. How many people would you consider moved by you and/or your work? These are important things to think about because they’re directly related to the quality of your relationships.

Research has shown that one of the single biggest indicators of happiness is the love we find in our closest relationships. Isn’t being happy in our daily interactions all that really matters? Learning how we impact people- from family to strangers we meet on the road, is essential in making our interactions more personal.

 The data is clear that, in the end, you could have all the money you’ve ever wanted, a successful career, and be in good physical health, but without loving relationships, you won’t be happy. (via)

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