There’s a Chinese proverb that says,

“When you want to see the big picture, you may have to take a step back.”

Often, we do not know what truly matters to us, till we’re in a tough spot, where we’re forced to make choices. Sometimes, life’s harshest times help us see the true meaning of life.

Coco Review: What the Movie Teaches Us About Living Meaningfully

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What Coco Teaches Us About Living Meaningfully

As adults, we’re often driven to find a life of purpose. We’re lucky if our purpose and usefulness to the world, aligns with our passions. The movie Coco shares the story of a little boy, Miguel passionate about becoming a musician. His family is strongly against this musical ambition. Abandonment by an ancestor who left the family for music haunts his present. Undeterred, Miguel decides to participate in a talent competition on the “Day of the Dead,” a Mexican festival that celebrates family ancestors. By chance, Miguel ends up in the land of dead, and begins a coming of age adventure, changing his ideas and the ancestral history in the process.

Coco’s living boy in the world of the dead, in true Pixar fashion, is a visually stunning experience. It allows its protagonist to dwell on the real meaning of life and death. We never really die, till we’re forgotten in memories of those who love us. Those who leave us physically are forever living in our thoughts, stories and a set of old photographs.

Coco encourages family and friends to save memories of those who we’ve lost in the physical sense. It asks us not to think of the dead as a merciless, morbid topic. With Miguel, we learn how to celebrate the memories that make life special. In a life that comes with an expiration date, it forces us to follow our passions and find those who love and respect us for who we are. The experiences and memories we make with people who matter stay on much beyond us.

In the words of, Eleanor Roosevelt,

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

Coco Review: What the Movie Teaches Us About Living Meaningfully

With its rich, textured portrayal, Coco forces us to find our spirit (animal) and seek the truth in living meaningfully. Even if you’ve not gone through a life transforming experience like someone’s passing, it’s definitely worth a watch!

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