In her fascinating TED talk, Anthropologist Kelli Swazey takes a look at death or funeral culture around the world. Specifically, she talks about cultures from places like Indonesia, where bodies of dead relatives are cared for years after they have passed away. Relationships don’t simply end with death, they simply get a new life.

Relationships Don't Simply End With Death
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In Indonesian culture of Tana Toraja, the bodies of those who have passed away, are put in a special room in the traditional residence. This is seen as a transition phase. The funeral ceremony takes place in front of the whole community when the family decides to do that. The funeral ceremony can be held after years after the loved one’s passing. They are symbolically fed and cared for.

The funeral ceremony is for the living- showcasing the impact on them. With death, the relationship doesn’t end, it simply changes. The family takes time to come into the transition and gain self-awareness.

Isn’t this a fascinating perspective of death?

[TedX Video] Relationships Don’t Simply End With Death by Kelli Swazey

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