Funeral traditions around the world vary by communities, families and often have their own nuances. The way we express grief also may differ as per an individual. Recently, a lady named Debra Parsons caused a controversy. She chose to express grief for her mother’s loss by eating her ashes away, at the Christmas dinner.

A Truly Unique Eating Ritual to Express Grief for Mother’s Loss

Debra’s mother Doreen passed away in May earlier in the year, and this represented a twin tragedy for Debra who had lost a child. On the first Christmas without her mother, Debra decided to scatter her ashes over all the Christmas good and eat them. This was her way of dealing with her mother’s loss and expressing her grief.

“I feel like she can live on by being inside of me because if she is part of me she can breathe through my body. My breath is her breath. It will be my first Christmas without her and I want her to be involved and this is the only way that feels right to me,” – Debra Parsons.

It’s not uncommon for families to try and save memories of their loved ways in one for or the other. Some other unique forms of expression include:

  1. Funeral Jewelry: Unique products to house your departed’s ashes include necklaces among others. You can also convert ashes into diamonds.
  2. Scattering ashes in places of importance: Families can sometimes scatter ashes in holy rivers or places that were important to the loved one (including a family carpet or backyard).
  3. Saving ashes in an urn: As a tangible, physical memory, some families may save ashes in their homes in a urn.

What are some of the unique ways you’d celebrate a loved one’s memory?

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