Even though we might not be able to express the need to have people support us at times of loss, it is truly needed. It means the world to me when you see me and are there for me.

This is for everyone who has been there for me during the most difficult times of my life.

A Poem About Grief And Healing

I See You, Being There Is Important

I see you when your eyes don’t meet my gaze
You walk around in a haze of grief, and I can’t relieve your pain
You wear it like an oversized sweater on a chilly, autumn day
It keeps you swathed in sadness while the demons in your head play
I see you

I sense your silent suffering
Speaking muted; the volume turned low; a buffer
This wall between me and you is thick and impenetrable
Yet I know the reasons for your grief are venerable
I see you

You don’t answer my calls or texts or knocks at the door
Am I annoying you as I implore you to stop this one man war
I imagine you alone in a tango with your thoughts
Tears teasing, your stomach twisted in knots
I see you

If you let me in, I won’t judge your sorrow
I won’t tell you it will be better tomorrow
The truth is I don’t know the answer
There is no rain dance to cure death’s natural disaster
I see you

I promise you I’ll listen as you find the words
And if they fly away quietly, I will not be your mockingbird
We’ll sit beneath the wise oak and share a cup of tea
I’ll ask nothing of you; we’ll just be

I see you

Click here for a printable copy of the poem.