Ya, this topic’s a little bleak and can be depressing to think about, but my dear reader, give me your hand and we will dive into this topic in the most joyous and fun way possible.  As your humble writer, I will guide you through this topic to show you the wondrous benefits and the potential life-changing epiphanies that come with confronting death.

5 Reasons to Plan Your Own Funeral

1. Financial Incentives

Many funeral homes tend to offer discounts, death discounts if you will if you preplan your funeral with them.  This ensures that your memorial services and subsequent burial into the earth will be done with their service, thus incentivizing them to incentivize you.  Lastly, funeral costs can add up, so this absconds your loved ones from the financial burden, leaving them to confront their emotional burden.

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2. It Makes Your Loved Ones do Less Work

Speaking of emotional burdens, preplanning your funeral removes a large chunk of the leg work your loved ones would have to do after your death.  Rather than planning a funeral, they’re left to memorialize and carry on your legacy. Preplanning allows you to shoulder some of their grief, leaving a lot more time to love and appreciate you.

3. You Get to Plan it Yourself

Who knows you better than yourself.  Preplanning allows you to make the occasion truly about you rather than Great Grandma Belinda’s religious beliefs.  I already have mine planned out. I’m going to make everyone listen to the entirety of The Velvet Underground’s Sister Ray (a 20-minute proto-punk psyche jam from the 60’s with some lyrics inappropriate for a funeral) then I’m going to leave an open tab at a nearby bar to give everyone one last party.  It both encapsulates my memory and personality by saying “Jokes on you, I’ll be fine. Now have a drink for me and carry on with my love and memory,” which is a sentiment only I can truly make. It also affords some closure since their last memory of me will have and heir of positivity since it’s wholly myself.

4. Forces Conversation

Preplanning forces the conversation between you and your loved ones about the scary and infinite nature of death.  It forces them to hear what your ideal memorialization would be and vice versa. This builds a stronger relationship since you’re confronting these heavy themes together rather than isolated and alone.  It also alleviates some anxiety since you or your loved ones will know their final wishes will be carried forth to fruition.

5. Burial Preference

While religious traditions are important to some, others may prefer a non-traditional burial. Preplanning forgoes an argument your loved ones may have about how they think you should be buried, relieving potential tension and conflict, which allows people to have an easier grieving process.  It also forces people to respect you and your preferences and beliefs. It’s about creating an environment filled with mutual respect rather than hostility.

Preplanning your funeral may sound scary, but it actually helps bring people together while also alleviating them of responsibility or guilt.  Your funeral isn’t just about you, it’s about the people you’ve met and the relationships you’ve built. Respect their respect by making their life easier during a difficult time.

What do you think? Did this article ease your concerns about preplanning a funeral?  Does it make preplanning your funeral more enticing? Let me know in the comments section below.

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