5 Reasons to Listen Attentively to Our Loved One’s Final Wishes

My Loved One Wants to Talk About PrePlanning Their Funeral

Let’s admit it: death is not a well-received topic of conversation. It feels sad, overwhelming, and makes many of us anxious. I’d rather sit in a dentist chair or get poked with a needle than discuss my loved one’s end-of-life celebration. My mind just doesn’t want to go there because it knows that depressing emotions will follow.

Listening to another’s wishes, however, is a selfless act of kindness. It shows that the person sitting across from us matters. Even if we don’t agree with what they desire, it’s important to acknowledge that they are the conductor of both their life and their death.

5 Reasons to Listen Attentively to Our Loved One’s Final Wishes

Here are some reasons why we should listen attentively to their final wishes:

1. Opportunity Cost

When you know the plan, it saves time and money. There will be no scrambling around after your loved one passes trying to pull together a meaningful funeral in a few short days. Your loved one has already vetted or has the intention of vetting funeral homes and burial or cremation costs. Accept your loved one’s wishes as a final gift of time and money.

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2. Knowledge Is Power

You will know exactly what to do when the time comes, and this is empowering. Whether it is the type of service, luncheon venue, flowers, or eulogies, the details will have already been discussed. This knowledge helps to ensure a celebration that reflects the wishes and legacy of your loved one.

3. Listening Leads to Understanding

Listening to your loved one speak about his or her death may reveal more about their personality or what’s important to them than you assumed you knew. For example, you were sure your mom would like a traditional burial until she admits she’d like her ashes scattered at the lake where she spent her summers.

Listening is a valuable relationship tool that helps us build stronger bonds with those we love.

4. Gain Information About Yourself

We are led to examine our own wishes by listening to others’ desires. It’s hard not to think about what we would want for our own end-of-life celebration as we take in our loved one’s plans for theirs.

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5. Others Will Listen to You

When you show respect by honoring your loved one with silence so they can speak about what is important to them, you are more likely to be listened to as well.

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